We are a full service firm that marries the professional, consultative environment of retained search firms with the flexibility of a contingency option.

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About Jeff Harris & Associates

Jeff Harris & Associates was formed with the vision of creating a recruiting and consulting firm that marries the professional, consultative environment of retained search firms with the flexibility of contingency search option. At the heart of our efforts is a collaborative approach aimed at partnering with our clients to build strong successful management teams.

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Knowledge is Power

About Jeff Harris

20 Years Recruiting Experience


Trusted Advisors in Dedicated Markets

In today's economy, every dollar spent must produce tangible results. Jeff Harris specializes in our industry and presents the highest caliber of candidates. His accuracy in meeting our needs saves us time and money.

Vice President of Human Resources
Chicago, Illinois

Why Choose Jeff Harris and Associates?

Knowledge is Power. We get to know our clients inside and out. This knowledge not only helps us to attract talent, but it also enables us to recognize the needs and unique candidate profiles required to meet key objectives.

The Power of Perception. A company’s ability to attract top talent is linked inextricably to their reputation and standing within an industry. Do you know what your recruiters are saying about you? JHA strives to present a unified, well focused, consistent presentation of the client company within the industry.

Improved Proficiency. As we get to know our clients - what they want, what they like, what they don’t like, what their operational challenges are - we become even more proficient in the search process delivering successful results quickly.

True Partnership. JHA focuses on the relationship with our clients – not just the fee at the end of a single placement.

Jeff Harris and Associates has provided our community with the consultative, professional approach of a retained search firm, within a contingency framework. They partnered with us to attract and hire an incredible candidate. But unlike retained search firms, we didn’t pay until we knew we had the results we were looking for.

Chief Executive Officer

About Jeff Harris

A native of Dallas, Texas, Jeff began his recruiting career in 1990. In January 2002, he formed Jeff Harris and Associates. Originally headquartered in Calabasas, California, Jeff Harris and Associates has since consolidated operations in Greensboro, North Carolina where it is headquartered today.

With over 20 years of successful recruiting experience as an executive recruiter and consultant, Jeff Harris brings a wide array of expertise in partnering with clients to build strong successful management teams.

Jeff Harris partnered with us to recruit an exceptional operator who was ultimately responsible for orchestrating a $3 Million turnaround of our region. Results like that speak for themselves.