At the heart of our efforts is a collaborative, consultative approach aimed at building strong, successful management teams.

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Studies indicate that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. It's also the resource in shortest supply.

Are you ready to fight for your fair share?

Jeff Harris and Associates recruits high-caliber executives and management team members who build our client companies and drive results.

With the dramatic shifts and explosive growth of the industries we serve, it is essential for companies to attract top talent with skills and experience to lead and impact their organization. The question industry executives should be asking is, “How much greater will our annual profits increase? Should we use all our resources to recruit and hire the best people in our business, instead of the people who just happen to be available?”

Jeff Harris and Associates has partnered with many clients to do just that. Because of our specialized knowledge of the industries we serve and our commitment to building the careers of top candidates, we are able to identify and introduce candidates that would not otherwise be available.

Clients typically engage Jeff Harris and Associates in one of the three following ways:

Retained Search

Retained search is the most appropriate form of engagement when a client wants the recruiting firm to conduct a full search, screen all applicants and narrow the candidate field down to three or four qualified applicants. These candidates will have been fully vetted and evaluated on multiple fronts by the recruiting firm, including multiple interviews, screening assessments, full background checks and references. When engaged in this way, the recruiting firm assumes responsibility for implementing its own screening process, as well as that of the hiring company as agreed upon at the time of engagement.

Priority Search

Priority searches are recommended when clients desire for their recruiter to invest dedicated time and resources to conduct a thorough, strategic candidate search. Clients have the option of utilizing online candidate screening tools including DISC Temperament Profiles, Wonderlic intelligence assessments and online pre-recorded interview technology for finalist candidates. To engage us in a priority search, clients pay a nominal engagement fee for each search. This payment guarantees that we will present our client with three qualified candidates within fifteen business days. In the unlikely event that three candidates are not presented within this period, the engagement fee is returned. Our full recruiting fee is payable when a candidate we present is ultimately hired. The recruiting fee for successful priority search assignments is reduced by the initial engagement fee described above. We provide a 90 day replacement guarantee for priority searches.

Basic Contingency Search

Contingency search is an option recommended when the employer will assume responsibility for a majority of the screening and vetting process, and when an employer anticipates interviewing candidates from multiple sources. A contingency search is typically utilized when the hiring needs are less urgent. In such searches, it is anticipated that the recruiter will assess candidates from our database and conduct a cursory evaluation of local candidates. However, an extensive and exhaustive strategic search of all candidates is not anticipated. Candidates are pre-screened, but unlike in a retained search, it is anticipated that clients will play a significant role in additional screening and assessment of candidate suitability. In a basic contingency search, clients do not pay a fee unless a candidate presented by Jeff Harris and Associates is ultimately hired. In such an event, we provide a 30 day replacement guarantee.

Jeff Harris and Associates specializes in our industry and their in-depth knowledge presents the highest caliber of candidates. His accuracy in meeting our needs saves us time and money.

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