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Jeff Harris and Associates has years of experience in partnering with Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care providers, with various areas of specializations and acuity for both stand-alone facilities as well as facilities that are part of the continuum of care. We have successfully recruited top executives and managers across the United States in all areas of specializations, including:

  • Single and Multi-Site
  • Corporate Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Dining and Hospitality
  • Clinical Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human Resources

Our proprietary recruiting process was created on the belief that knowing and understanding our clients and their needs is the foundation of any successful search. When our clients understand and agree to participate in our unique search process, a partnership develops as we work together to achieve a common goal. Over two decades of recruiting experience has led to the development of a strategic and well-defined candidate search process that identifies top-tier candidates with ideal skill sets that are a great cultural fit for your organization.

Jeff Harris Senior Recruiting


Retained search is most appropriate when a client wants the recruiting firm to conduct a full search, screen all applicants, and narrow the applicant field down to three or four qualified candidates. Each applicant is fully vetted and evaluated on multiple fronts by the recruiting firm, including numerous interviews, screening assessments, full background checks, and references.


Priority searches are recommended when clients desire their recruiter to invest dedicated time and resources to conduct a thorough, strategic candidate search. Clients have the option of utilizing online candidate screening tools, including DISC temperament Profiles, Wonderlic intelligence assessments, and online pre-recorded interview technology for finalist candidates.


Contingency search is an option recommended when the employer will assume responsibility for a majority of the screening and vetting process, and when an employer anticipates interviewing candidates from multiple sources and/or when the hiring needs are less urgent. In such searches, it is expected that the recruiter will assess candidates from our database and conduct a cursory evaluation of local candidates.

Client Testimonials

Jeff Harris & Associates partnered with us to recruit an exceptional operator who was ultimately responsible for orchestrating a $3 Million turnaround of our region. Results like that speak for themselves.



In today’s economy, every dollar spent must produce tangible results. Jeff Harris & Associates specializes in our industry and presents the highest caliber of candidates. Their accuracy in meeting our needs saves us time and money.

Vice President of Human Resources

Chicago, Illinois

Jeff Harris & Associates has provided our community with the consultative, professional approach of a retained search firm, within a contingency framework. They partnered with us to attract and hire an incredible candidate. But unlike retained search firms, we didn’t pay until we knew we had the results we were looking for.

Chief Executive Officer